Introducing Cloud 9 Community Farms!

We are excited to announce that Urbanstead has merged with Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm, and together, they are now known as Cloud 9 Community Farms


Urbanstead and Cloud 9 have worked as partners for years. We are excited about our shared future, fostering leadership, resilience, and environmental stewardship through youth- and community-led food and urban garden programs. Cloud 9 Community Farms will cultivate sustainable communities where people of all ages grow, learn, and share.


Please stay tuned for a new logo and website! Thank you for your support!


Urban Farming Youth Development

Our Mission: 

Urbanstead develops pathways to success for tomorrow's leaders through urban farming.

What Problem Are We Addressing?

Despite increased work opportunities, Philadelphia falls behind other major U.S. cities, holding a steady poverty rate nearly double the national average. About one-fourth of these adults are working, but are unable to earn a living wage. Nationally, 14% of all adults are without high school diplomas, 71% without bachelor degrees, and it is predicted that nearly 39% of unskilled Philadelphia laborers lack the skills necessary to secure innovation-based and global jobs. 

Growing Healthy Futures!

Urbanstead provides youth with development, experience, and training in customer service and relations, public speaking, business management, outreach marketing, and group and individual presentations, as well as specialized skills in food literacy and urban farming techniques that drive youth to expand their interests and experience new workforce options. Through an innovative collaboration with community partners and local businesses, we are developing a successful system that creates jobs and healthy futures for generations.

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Seed To Harvest

Urbanstead's Seed to Harvest program works with participants, ages 16-21, to provide critical career, emotional and life skill-building experience by supporting them in operating farmers’ markets, teaching educational workshops in Philadelphia and growing healthy organic food. Youth receive extensive training in urban agriculture techniques while developing valuable entrepreneurial and employment skills in team collaboration, project planning, organization, budgeting, business planning, customer service, time management, networking, leadership and more. Our Seed to Harvest program strengthens the future of our neighborhoods and provides the community with increased access to local fresh food. Seed to Harvest interns onboard on a rolling basis, for a 90-hour internship over three months.


Youth Plots

Through partnerships with local youth organizations, K - 12 schools and local colleges, we train young people urban farming techniques through hands-on experiences in our gardens. Trainees learn plant botany, garden planning, garden construction, weeding techniques, pest management, proper use of farm tools, proper harvesting techniques, composting, and nutrition educator from the garden, in addition to social responsibility, and food and health literacy. All students and participants are encouraged to take home produce grown at our farms to teach their friends, neighbors, and families about urban farming techniques incorporated in growing local produce. Urbanstead was created because city youth - including those in Philadelphia - do not often have the chance to understand the food ecosystem and consume food grown with their own hands. Urbanstead knows that by increasing these experiences, young people will see improvement in emotional, physical and mental health, as well as a stronger and more unified community.

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“I learned teamwork and respect for not only the people I work with but the earth/soil under my feet. I learned that it’s better to grow your own food because not only is it healthier, but it holds more value when you’re the one who grew it. You feel like you’ve accomplished so much and you feel great!”

Miyarrah (age 16)


Maker & Garden Workshops For Everyone

With our Urbanstead Workshop Series, teen interns in Urbanstead’s Seed To Harvest program gain valuable career, emotional and soft skill experiences while teaching the community about the value of growing our own vegetables and herbs. All of our workshops are available to groups. Please contact info@urbanstead.org to schedule a workshop for your group/organization/business today!  


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Phone: (267) 585-4135

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1241 S. Alder St.

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Urbanstead is a 501c3 non-profit organization in Pennsylvania and all donations are tax-deductible to the highest amount allowed by law